Azonity Theme Updates & Latest Version

Azonity WP Theme is currenly on version: 1.0.5


If you have an earlier version, please update the theme using the following steps:

1.) Enter your activation code on the theme options page (from Appearance -> Azonity Options -> General Settings)

2.) Click Save

3.) Then visit Dashboard -> Updates, and click the check again button:


4.) Select Azonity from the list, and click the Update Theme button.


No Updates Available On The Wordpress Updates Page

If Azonity is not showing up on the worpress updates page:

1.) Visit the theme options page (from Appearance -> Azonity Options) once again, and click the Save button again right away.

2.) Then visit Dashboard -> Updates, and click the check again button.


If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact us to retrieve the latest theme version.



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