Azonity Theme Updates & Latest Version

Azonity WP Theme is currenly on version: 1.0.5

You can update the theme using 1-click update method below, or visit this page to download the newest version:


a.) If you have an earlier version, please update the theme using the following steps:

1.) Enter your activation code on the theme options page (from Appearance -> Azonity Options -> General Settings)

2.) Click Save

3.) Then visit Dashboard -> Updates, and click the check again button:


4.) Select Azonity from the list, and click the Update Theme button.


b.) No Updates Available On The Wordpress Updates Page

If Azonity is not showing up on the worpress updates page:

1.) Visit the theme options page (from Appearance -> Azonity Options) once again, and click the Save button again right away.

2.) Then visit Dashboard -> Updates, and click the check again button.


c.) If this doesn't solve the issue, please contact us to retrieve the latest theme version or simply download it again from this page:

The file on that page will always be the latest version page.



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