Request Failed / No Products Showed..

If you get the "Request Failed.." notice when trying to import Amazon products using AMZ Publisher tools, or there are no products being imported after clicking the Create Post button..

.. the solution is:

Make sure you are using the latest theme version

The issue has been patched on version 1.0.5, so make sure your theme is at least on version 1.0.5.



If it doesn't solve the issue then you can try to make sure that your Amazon affiliate account is connected with Product Advertising API.

To check if your Amazon affiliate account is connected to Product Advertising API, visit the page below:

- Click Sign Up Now.

- Then login using your Amazon account details.

- After logged in, you will see whether your Amazon affiliate account is connected or not.

If it's connected, you will see this message after logged in:

If it's not connected yet, you can connect it first. Just follow the instructions provided there.

After your account is connected then you can try to add products again on the AMZ Publisher page & see if it will now able to create post.




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