Azonity: Your Purchase is not allowed (Blacklisted & Customer Filtering)

If you're trying to purchase Azonity WP theme but seeing this error notice:

Your Purchase is not allowed. We're sorry, but your buying privileges to this vendor's products have been removed by the vendor.

Unfortunately it means you can't purchase the product.

The reason is because you probably are blacklisted either by other JVZoo vendors or by us.

It happens because you probably made a fraud refund or already asked for refunds too much on JVZoo.

See list of people blacklisted by us here

Unfortunately we can't accept your payment for this moment.

We use Tier 1 Customer Filtering on JVZoo which means if you are blacklisted by just only 1 vendor, you will not able to purchase our products.



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    Waclaw Wojcik

    OK. I that it is your position please refund my money for the purchase of Azon Affilio Builder WP.
    PayPal Transaction ID: 6BE93949KB7562409
    Invoice ID: AzonAffilioBuilder WP Plugin (397DDDD717FAC5D89FA9279C25ECAF6A)
    First you promote price $11.99 after you charge me $17.00. And now I learn you black list me. That's Ok. I don't have to deal with you. Looks like yours word is worth nothing. Also yours quarantine is worth nothing. You making false quarantine promises and you don't honor them.








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    Waclaw Wojcik

    Ok It you black listed my address just send my money back.just send my money back

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