July 10th 2023 Update: Cloud4WP New York Data Center Is Currently Down

Our datacenter in New York server is currently down due to widespread power event in New York caused by Sunday's storm damage.

- https://www.nbcnewyork.com/weather/sunday-storms-expected-to-slam-ny-and-nj-bringing-major-flooding-risk/4489512/
- https://www.accuweather.com/en/severe-weather/state-of-emergency-declarations-issued-in-new-york-state-as-deadly-flooding-strikes-northeast/1555794

We apologize for this downtime. It is a natural disaster event that impacts major area in New York which is beyond our control. We expect the power can be restored again by Tuesday July 11th at 8:00 AM EDT / 12:00 PM UTC.

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    Rhino 102066

    Thanks for the update.

    When I signed up for this hosting I liked the feature you mention on your site about failover.

    Our Cloud-based hosting pools resources from multiple virtual server instances of physical servers. So if a hardware issue arises, your site is automatically switched to another server preventing unnecessary downtime.

    Automatic Failover: if a hardware issue arises, your site is automatically switched to another server pool preventing unnecessary downtime.

    That has not happened and with the power failure in NY which seems to be where the server(s) are located and if you have all the servers in the same area that is not good.

    I have a business site that is now down, which is unacceptable. I'm losing business because of this. It's unfortunate about the disaster in NY but having servers in different parts of the world will prevent this and keep customer's websites up 99.99% of the time which most hosting companies promise.

    I saw that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee with the purchase of this hosting and I have already switched over 4 of my sites which are now down. I'm taking your word that the server will be up and running by 8 AM EST and if not then I know where I stand on asking for a refund as I'm entitled to it before my 30 days runs out.

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    Web Smartpu

    any updates?


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    Sandy Tumewu


    The downtime wasn't a server level problem, but datacenter-level problem.

    So even though we have multiple virtual servers but they run in one datacenter facility (it is like having multiple phone numbers but when the satellite network is down then we have to wait until the network back online again)

    I'm glad to inform that our server is online again at this time.

    If you're still experiencing issues, please let me know your cPanel username so I can do some recheck of it.


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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The problem wasn't on our server, but the datacenter infrastructure.

    We have around 10-12 virtual cloud servers in two datacenters to accomodate this Automatic Failover features..

    .. but when the datacenter infrastructure itself that runs into some problem, it doesn't matter how many cloud servers we have if the infrastructure is not operational.

    For full transparency: https://status.dedicated.com/incidents/44

    Looks like the storm and bad weather have got them into emergency power off status that causing a wildfire.

    It was inconvenience for you and I understand that. Fortunately the problems have been solved and our servers are safe from any fire..

    .. If our servers didn't make it, I can issue a $20K insurance cost from the data center as the contract we signed says so.

    But it's not the damage money that I concern, it's the pride of having this kind of lifetime hosting that still running after many years

    My Zendesk friend Andhika have stated there were no lost data, but just want to make sure I still have one Zoom meeting with their representative..

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