How To Update A Plugin or Theme To New Version?

We suggest to update a theme/plugin manually instead of using the auto update. Here are some recommended way to do the update.

1.) Via FTP or cPanel File Manager

- Disable the plugin or theme that need to be updated
- Login to your FTP or cPanel, and rename the plugin or theme
- Upload the new version of the plugin or theme
- Remove the old version
- Head over to the WP backend and activate the plugin or theme again
- Finally, delete the renamed plugin or theme of the old version

2.) Using "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" Plugin

Install and activate this plugin:

After that use that plugin to update the plugin/theme that you download from GPL WP.


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    the "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" Plugin hasn't been updated in years.  Is there any other plugin or solution besides ftp?

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    Sarah McLeod

    Glassman use your cPanel, file manager to update your plugin. Disable it first, then upload your new plugin zip file. Delete the old one and extract the zip file. Go back into your site and activate it.... this is the easiest way to upgrade numerous plugins at once, especially large files.


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    Sarah when you say upload the plugin you mean?
    I have reviewed several plugins and themes and none have full version
    When you buy them in your sales letter they say they are premium and they are all free version
    When you update the plugin or the theme continue in its free version

    I send emails and they do not respond to these issues

    Can you please explain what's going on?

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