How To Update A Plugin or Theme To New Version?

We suggest to update a theme/plugin manually instead of using the auto update. Here are some recommended way to do the update.

1.) Via FTP or cPanel File Manager

- Disable the plugin or theme that need to be updated
- Login to your FTP or cPanel, and rename the plugin or theme
- Upload the new version of the plugin or theme
- Remove the old version
- Head over to the WP backend and activate the plugin or theme again
- Finally, delete the renamed plugin or theme of the old version

2.) Using "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" Plugin

Install and activate this plugin:

After that use that plugin to update the plugin/theme that you download from GPL WP.


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    the "Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades" Plugin hasn't been updated in years.  Is there any other plugin or solution besides ftp?

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