VidiZon PRO Getting Started in 3 Steps

To start using the theme, generally you will only need to follow these 3 steps.

1st Step:

Be sure to install this plugin on your site:

2nd Step:

Fill in your Amazon API key from Settings -> VidiZon PRO Amazon settings menu.

3rd Step:

Go to add Post -> Add New. And you can search for Youtube videos and insert Amazon product into your post using the button provided on the post editor:

Then add some content on the post (can be quick description about the product, your point of view about the product, etc).


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    Mark Anthony

    clear as mud.... tried it three times and not working, not able to search for youtube videos

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    Refer to your Q & A area, you will provide the printout guide for this product. 

    So where is the link ? Also no video guide to install this VidiZon thing.
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