All In One WP Migration Import Stuck or Upload Limit


Import Stuck At 100%

First, make sure the File Extension plugin is installed on your WP site. The download link is inside the Tutorial Page at Section #1 -> Step #3.

Simply wait 1-2 minutes. If it still stuck then theck out this quick troubleshooting:

Basically adjusting the PHP max_execution_time to a higher value such as 300 will do the trick (the default value usually only 30).

Many webhostings out there have low server resources limit.

Therefore we recommend to use our Cloud WP Hosting, our server environment is built by marketers for marketers' needs. Our Cloud WP Hosting is literally 10x more powerful than Godaddy or Hostgator.


Upload Size Limit

Simply install the AIO Migration File Extension, the download link is inside the Tutorial Page at Section #1 -> Step #3.






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    Permanently deleted user

    So whats going on here????

    You have been selling this site on a premise of a brand new Travel Site - act is it's been out for 3 yrs already. During this time you didn't care to update your vital q&a's heck you didn't even bother to update the theme..... it installs with a .php of 5. something - got news for you .php is up to 7.3 it installs up to 7.1 after that it breaks.

    Does the site even work? I haven't a clue cause I don't get an answer not here on the forum or on the helpdesk or do you want to force people to buy the install service????

    So how about updating all of the above and answering the questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it was low cost but I somehow feel scammed......

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    This is a brand new version, if you saw it somewhere else before definitely it's not us who were selling it.

    We don't force people to buy installation service. If we do then we wouldn't put so much effort to put instruction guide as detailed as possible. Go to your other JVZoo purchases and see who vendors willing to provide product tutorials as in-dept as we do.

    Moreover, our installation service includes a powerful WP Cloud Hosting for lifetime. Compared your current shared hosting to our WP Cloud Hosting is like comparing a Toyota Starlet with a Lamborghini.


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    Albert Z

    me too had problem with migration plugin. Leo told me to instlal the file extension, that extension worked like a charm

    I bought the dfy installation only for the cloud hosting part, I dont see any loading speed difference than my other site which is hosted on siteground but the hosting resources able to handles my autoblogs which autopost 100s of articles every 5 minutes

    on siteground you will get your account limited for excessive resources use!!

    Edited by Albert Z
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    Xcellent Nomad

    I also have a problem on this.  On 30/3/2020 i bought the package.

    Now since then i all ready wrote 3 or 4 emails and still no answer, the same with a ticket on the website.

    If i don't get any answer i want a refund and spread the word not to buy this stuff.


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    Esme London

    Increased PHP max_execution_time to "300" & worked beautifully. 

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