How to Remove "Powered by TravelPayouts" Text

The "powered by" usually shows up because the "add my referral link" options is checked when setting up the flight/hotels code.


You can uncheck that option on any TravelPayouts setup phase to make the "Powered by" text dissappears, because it only for referral thing, not affiliate thing.

Will I Still Get Paid If That Option Is Unchecked?

Yes because all your affiliate codes are automatically wrapped with your affiliate link (differentiate affiliate link with referral link).

With TravelPayouts you get 3 ways of making money:

[+] When someone make a book for flights tickets or hotel rooms
[+] When someone search for flights/hotel on your website and sign up (not even make a booking)
[+] When someone register to TravelPayouts affiliate program thru your referral link (that's what the "Add my referral link" option functions for)


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    EJ Smith

    got it.. on my ticket first Sandy said the powered by words should only shows up the first time

    but then Leeon took over my ticket and said to unchecked the referral link thing. thank you I just wish my ticket will be answered by Leon. Sandy seems like a nice guy who want to help but his knowledge is far from Leon



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    All Is On Deals

    Can I please get someone to assist me with uploading my sites? Please I have many of your products just purchased two of your products and I can not get a response from your help desk it has been months. I just pick up lifetime hosting and purchased it under your affiliate code.  Please do not leaVE ME HANGING.

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