After Click the 'Generate Content' Button, The Content Doesn't Display Price Data

Make sure you have the latest version on the plugin:


After that visit Settings menu -> CryptoDrakor, and click the Flush Refresh button:


And just wait for several seconds and refresh your browser again.


If the problem persists, it's because of either these three conditional things:

1.) The plugin might be still fetching API data from CoinGecko
2.) Your hosting server prevents multiple data fetching at one time
3.) Your hosting server prevents the API fetching at all


*) If the first case happens, API data will be fetched automatically in 60 seconds.


*) If the second case happens, API data will be fetched automatically according to the 'Cache Interval' on WP CryptoDrakor plugin setting.


*) If the third case happens, then the best solution is to contact your hosting provider and message them with something like this:

"I'm using a WP plugin that uses "wp_remote_get" function to fetch API data from CoinGecko. But looks like the API fetching got block by the server, could you help me to unblock this access please."

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