How to Claim My Free Installation?

The Covid-19 Site Package installation is very fast and easy.

For start, basically you only need to follow these steps:

1.) Install the All In One WP Migration and The File Extension

2.) Then import the site package from All-In-One WP Migration menu -> Import

However if you still don't have time to do the installation yourself, then you can claim your Free Site Installation with these requirements:

1.) Your hosting account is cPanel based and support PHP 7+
2.) Your domain is not hosted on 10xHosting, Lifetime.Hosting and/or their network
3.) You already have a domain name for the C19 Site Package
4.) Make sure your other websites support PHP 7+ (because we might update your server PHP to PHP 7+)
5.) Depends on the ticket queue, you ready to wait several hours

If you are OKAY with those requirements, then claim your Free Site Installation below:

STEP 1 : Install WordPress on your domain
STEP 2 : Open a Support Ticket here with Subject: C19 Free Installation
STEP 3 : On the ticket please provide: temporary cPanel access and WP admin access

Once again, you should use this Free Installation Service as the last option. Because it will be much faster to do the installation yourself + you'll gain the experience for our upcoming DFY site packages.

PS. The Free Installation Service is valid for 1 installation only.



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