Compatible WP Cache Plugin to Use On Cloud4WP

Cache plugins usually come with overloaded features and complicated setting, but in reality 70% of their features are rarely used.

Moreover cache plugins is a fifty-fifty way..

.. Sometimes they help but sometimes they create more site lag and consume very high server resources - that's why plugins like WP Rocket, WP SuperCache, etc. are banned by lots of hosting companies.

Cloud4WP is integrated with Litespeed WebServer.

So the best cache plugin to use on your WP site is the LiteSpeed Cache WP Plugin:

By using LiteSpeed Cache WP Plugin:

  • No more overloaded features and complicated settings
  • Fully compatible with LiteSpeed WebServer
  • Cache data is stored on server level instead of WP directory (less overheard and faster caching process)
  • No more site lag due to high server resources consumption
  • Automatic Image Optimization

How To Use LiteSpeed Cache Plugin On Your WP Site

1.) From WP Admin, visit Plugins -> Add New
2.) Search for LiteSpeed Cache, then install and activate the plugin
3.) Visit WP Admin -> LiteSpeed Cache menu -> Settings
4.) Then hit the Save button right away

No complicated settings, just install -> activate -> hit the Save button.


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