Support During Covid-19

We are sorry for any late reply.

The office building has been closed for days.
Coffee shops, Mcd, etc also don't allow dine in so all of us got no fast WiFi.

Right now we all depend on mobile tethering connection, and it's not as fast as WiFi connection. Things that used to be done in 10 minutes, now can take up to 30 minutes.

This lockdown thing messes up productivity a lot, but we keep on monitoring the helpdesk - but replies might be slower than usual.

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    Sandy Tumewu

    Gan Leo, I management already allow to move out stuffs from the offic. I already take out my PC

    please check my whatsapp chat

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    All Is On Deals

    Hi Sandy I hope all is well, I have been trying to reach someone to have my travel site set up on your server for the free installation. I have had very little success . could you please assist with the installation.


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    I bought my WordPress hosting this week and have yet to get anything to set it up or anything. I got my receipt but nothing else. Please help me get this up and going.

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